Right Steps & Poui Trees

Supermoon, A Few Hours Early

p1040584Tomorrow there will be a supermoon in the sky and the best views might be tomorrow morning. But perhaps there will be clouds covering the moon; perhaps there will be rain. So, I climbed the steep spiral staircase onto the roof tonight and sat and looked at the moon. She was beautiful. I know it is unscientific to anthropomorphise (or personify?), but so be it. She was beautiful. I took some photographs. The roofing gravel pressed into my elbows and arms, as I lay flat, adjusting the camera on its tiny tripod. They say we humans have landed on her surface, have walked around on moondust. You wouldn’t know it from this far away. The last time the moon was this close to Earth was in 1948 and the next time will be in 2034. I wasn’t here for the last one and who knows if I will be around for the next? Goodnight, moon!p1040607