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350 Words or Less: You Following the US Election Too?


Most days now, I check Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site. I could say I’m there to read the articles. There are often very good articles and sometimes I read them. But the truth is I’m there for the pictures. Specifically the three forecasting model pictures which answer the question:


Here are the three pictures today:


The first gives the Polls-plus forecast, the second the Polls-only forecast & the third the Now-cast, which are explained below:


I can also have a look at the trend graph, which gives an indication of whether the gap between Clinton and Trump is widening or narrowing according to an overall assessment of polls.ns-polls-plus-graph-24-9-16-pm

When Trump declared his candidacy for the Republican primaries last year, I hardly paid attention. I was certainly one of many who thought he didn’t stand a chance and was in it for the publicity. Yet here it is, a few weeks before the US election and not only is he the Republican candidate but there is a possibility that he could win.

I have no vote, but I follow the election, not only out of a general interest but also because I have relatives who live in the US and because what happens in the US impacts the rest of the world.

On Monday coming, there will be the first of the three debates between Clinton and Trump. I will be watching. It will also be a lively topic for discussion with family in many countries via our dedicated e-mail thread and Whats App group. You can see the Trump campaign spin emerging in this recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, beginning at minute 1:05.


Fallon: …You say you don’t traditionally prepare for the debate…

Trump: …I was in eleven debates in the primary system…I never debated professionally or from a political stand point before…they’re trying to game the system…they’re trying to make it so that Lester’s going to come out and be really tough on me…

Nate Silver also had some thoughts on this:ns-trump-tweet-23-9-16-ans-trump-tweet-23-9-16-bns-trump-tweet-23-9-16-cClinton, based on knowledge and experience, should win this debate. But hey…


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8 thoughts on “350 Words or Less: You Following the US Election Too?

  1. Look at trend lines: Clinton downward; Trump upward, in recent weeks. Looking likely to converge around 50/50. I asked many US friends months ago, well before the Primaries, about their plans WHEN Trump wins. They mostly said “That wont happened” and laughed. I asked again recently on SM, several times since the Primaries if they were still laughing. If I were a betting man, I’d be happy to hold Trump chips.

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    • Even now I am finding it difficult to contemplate a Trump win, though I know it’s possible. It’s one of the reasons I like Nate Silver’s forecasts; he gives you the figures. Bawl, panic, cheer, cross your fingers…it’s up to you! I could never put money on Trump to win, however! No, sah! 🙂


  2. All I can say to every West Indian is “get out the vote”. Win lose draw…this affects us almost as much so every friend and fambily who have citizenship getting a call or two from me.

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  3. I just wish I could say vote for Hilary. Its more like Vote Against Trump. Oh and thanks didn’t know of the site before. Looks as worthy as you said. Looking out for your post first debate thoughts.

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  4. It is a useful site. I hope I’ll be up to writing after the debate!!!