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Downtown Kingston Crossing: Weekly Photo Challenge – Pedestrian


“What does pedestrian mean to you? Perhaps this is a great chance to go out and practice some street photography.”

Downtown Kingston. A man walks across the pedestrian crossing in South Parade. In the background is the landmark Kingston Parish Church, built in 1911 at the site of the original church, which was destroyed in the Great Earthquake of 1907. There is much pedestrian traffic in this part of Kingston, but the history of the area is anything but pedestrian.


Below is a postcard showing some of the damage to the original church after the earthquake. (“Parish Church, Kingston Jamaica after earthquake Jan 14, 1907,” National Library of Jamaica Digital Collection , accessed October 4,2017. http://nljdigital.nlj.gov.jm/items/show/254.)Kingston Parish Church after 1907 earthquake - National Library of Jamaica Collection










Weekly Photo Challenge – Pedestrian

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18 thoughts on “Downtown Kingston Crossing: Weekly Photo Challenge – Pedestrian

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  2. There are many Kingstons. There is only one Kingston, Jamaica

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  3. Very good pic! Great to know about the history of the place!

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  5. Mayor WILLIAMS seems to be taking seriously idea of pedestrianizing downtown

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    My fellow blogger Susan Goffe and I truly enjoy the weekly photo challenges… I am sharing her response to “pedestrian,” featuring a much-loved Kingston landmark.

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    • Thanks for reblogging, Emma! One of the things I enjoy about the weekly challenges is the opportunity it creates for going back through photos I have taken over the years. The moments of thinking…oh, yes…I remember when I took that!


  7. Thanks for the history as well.

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  8. Wow, love that you included the history photo for comparison. Excellent post.

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  9. Hi thanks a olt for visiting my blog. I like your post very much the moment was captured beautifully. also thanks a lot for sharing the history of the place.

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