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Last Sunrise, First Sunrise


On Sunday morning, I sat on my roof watching the last sunrise for 2017. My tea for that morning was tumeric and ginger, sweetened with Belcour honey, from hives my brother and sister-in-law have in the Blue Mountains. There was very little cloud cover, providing a rather minimalist early sunrise sky.P1250275Later the sun came up over the hills…P1250464…outlining them in differing shades of grey.P1250505The next day I was up on the roof again, to watch the first sunrise for 2018. Tea was peppermint…with Belcour honey. It was a very different morning, overcast, with heavy banks of grey clouds.P1250773But the sun came up. As it always does. With unremarkable regularity.P1250900

These divisions…such as the old year into the new year…are arbitrary but useful structures for us, reminding us of the passage of time and ordering our lives to some extent. I enjoy these formal endings and beginnings and some of the rituals associated with them. Not all, mind you. But what I am growing to love more and more are the rhythms of nature. As I view them from my roof…because I am not a great outdoor person, hiking or cycling or similar activities. I am the person who sits on her roof, observing the movement of the sun, moon and stars, the daily flight of birds through this space, the trees blossoming and other such things. It is amazing what I can see when I sit still for a while….

On the 4th day of 2018, it’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year!

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9 thoughts on “Last Sunrise, First Sunrise

  1. Nice view from your rooftop. It is not really a new year, but I understand what you mean. According to the Bible, the New Year is most likely round about Spring. Nothing is being renewed at this time of the year. As a matter a fact, almost everything is dead.


  2. stunning. thank you for sharing

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  3. I thought about doing a daily blog post based on pictures, but as you’ll notice, I decided to do an IG post each day, so far focusing on (day)light. Not sure if I will keep that theme for 365 days, but take some credit for inspiration. I may need to go back and edit them as say ‘Day 1 2017’ etc. Will think on that, as a way of collating them at year-end.

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  4. Many years ago, I stayed with friends in Sydney and we took to the Blue Mountains to celebrate “Christmas in July.” We stayed overnight in one of the cabins and it was cooooooold. But aside from that, I have good memories of the little bit of time spent in Katoomba and in the valley below.

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